About Us


G’day to all and welcome. I’m Kel and together with my wife, Michelle, we are North Beach Daily, and this is our story.

Early January 2018 and the usual scroll through Facebook led me to a post showing a volunteer lifesaver from Kiama talking about a recent shark sighting at Kendall’s Beach. Later, with the wind blowing its butt off from the north east and North Gong Beach looking a little worse for wear, I thought “I wish I knew”, after I walked down and back without having a swim. The ideas widget flew around for a while before, BINGO, North Beach Daily was born. A week later (January 12, 2018) we posted our first “surf report“. It was an 11 second roam with a poor quality phone camera. Since that date we have improved, somewhat, especially with newer and better quality phones to capture the changing surf.We’ve now been delivering your daily surf report for nearly 6 years and more than 2000 episodes, and have loved every minute of it.Michelle and I are volunteer lifesavers with North Wollongong Surf Club, something I’ve been passionate about for more than 45 years now. I also worked as a professional lifeguard both here with Wollongong City Council and in North Devon, England (some time last century).


We deliver the surf report from the beautiful North Wollongong Beach, 1 Cliff Road, at around 7am and can usually be found in front of the North Beach Kiosk (Diggies). Anyone is most welcome to front the camera and help deliver the daily report.